Water Marbling- Ebru Art
by Dilek Demirors

Marbling is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper.


Marenco's Magical Market
by Marjorie Marenco

The Silhouette Cameo can be used to create different paper crafts.  The designs are printed with the Cameo, and then the maker puts together the pieces to create 3D designs.  Marenco's Magical Market will also include a photo booth, with props created with the Cameo.

The Museum of Interesting Things
by Denny Daniel

The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions that goes to schools and events and inspires kids and adults to be curious and to tinker. I like to say it shows kids and adults that their ipods did not pop out of thin air! Like a circus...just no elephants.

Planting without Soil "Hydroponics"
by Alban Biba

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil. In nature the soil provides nutrients and is a means of physical support for the plant. In hydroponics, soil is replaced by inert media such as perlite, vermiculite, horticultural rock wool, sand, or crushed granite, to which the

Necessary elements for growth are added in the form of a nutrient solution.  Design and build a working simplified hydroponic vegetable garden kit that utilizes modern day hydroponic technology adapted for a specific area with limited resources.

iPhone and iPad Apps.
by Apple

Come and learn to make apps for iPhone and iPad. Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It’s designed to give developers more freedom than ever. Swift is easy to use and open source, so anyone with an idea can create something incredible.

Hand Craft and Stone Painting
by Reyhan Akbas

Can hand made stone painting be your next hobby? Unplug from technology world  for a while and make some art connection.


Paint and Plant
by Kayla Blodgett

Learn about the life cycle of plants and flowers by choosing a type of seed to plant in your own decorated flower pot! Children may decorate a flower pot and learn how to plant a healthy seed inside of it. Great for all ages.

STEAM Program
by Boys & Girls Clubs of Lodi/Hackensack

WaterBotics is an innovative, underwater robotics curriculum that can be used in traditional classroom settings or in after-school and summer camp programs. Team of students work together to design, build, program, test and redesign underwater robots, made of LEGO® and other components. Students engage in a series of design challenges or "missions" that gradually increases in complexity and ultimately leads to a fully functional underwater robot capable of maneuvering in a three foot deep pool. This introduces students to the concept of iterative design and demonstrates the value of testing and redesign.


Robo Sumo
by Thomas Edison Energy Smart C School

Sumo is a traditional Japanese style of wrestling. The wrestlers try to push each other out of the ring. Well, Thomas Edison Robotics  will not match you up against a real Japanese Sumo wrestler, but you could have some fun building and programming some model RoboSumo wrestlers.


Ace Business Systems

Copier Technology, Managed IT Services, 3D Printing, Aquosboard, Managed Print Services


by iLearn Arts

Photograms are made by using light sensitive photo paper,objects placed on it and exposure to light.  Final effect are the shapes and shadows of the things placed in the light sensitive paper. This is a simplified version of Photograms process using nature paper and silhouettes stencil cutouts, exposure to light and use of water.

Smart Electric Vehicle
by iLearn Schools

Smart Electric Vehicle will be provided along with literature regarding the technology involved.

Kickin' It Old School - 80's Video games
by iLearn Schools

We will set up a display of old video games systems from the 1980's and have people play them on old style tube TVs.

Perler Beads with Students
by iLearn Schools

We will provide a handful of Student Ambassadors from Bergen Middle and High to supervise the area for the day.

Marble Sorting
by Jeremiah Lacsina

We will be creating devices using various items including wood, glue, washers... that will sort various sized marbles.

Maker Depot
by Michael Franchino

We will be showcasing 3D printing and also allow participants to create mini light sabers.


Virtual Reality Demo
by Bergen County Technical Schools

Put on a headset, and step into another world in this short virtual reality experience.

Bee Bots
by Cristina  Teodorescu

Bee Bots are a programmable robot that encourage sequencing, estimation, problem solving, teamwork and communication. You will see videos and photos of students utilizing bee bots in the classroom. In addition participants are welcome to explore bee bots by creating an obstacle course and programming the bot through the course. Open to all ages.

Scratch Programming
by Yasin Kocak

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.


Make game controllers, musical instruments, and inventions with this simple micro-controller device.

Repousse:The Art of Metal Working
by Lisa Miller

Use the elements and principles of design to create a piece of Repousse Art.  With  a square of .36 gauge metal you will create patterns and texture using both ends of a pencil as your tool.  Due to the soft, malleable quality of the metal it is easy to manipulate.  Add further design with oil based sharpies.

by iDream

We will explain what Arduino is, the difference between Sparkfun Kit, how to work with it, sensors, button, lights everything that can be connected to your project board. Also visitors will be able to see some activities.

Android App Development
iDream Team

Visitors will be able to learn how to program their Android Apps and test them. They will get more information about resources on how to improve their app developing skills.

Meccanoid Robot
iDream Team

Our team members will give some tips about building Meccanoid robots and show how to program the robot. Visitors will also have a chance to try Meccanoid on their own.

5eBoard Hands-On Interdisciplinary DIY Platform
by Erli Chen

5eBoard is a new platform that uses modular building blocks to construct DIY electronics projects. The system does not involve soldering and all components can be repeatedly used for either different users or projects. 5eBoard DIY kits use real-world components in all levels. Therefore, the knowledge gained in the beginning can be extended to college and beyond. Schools across the country are adapting 5eBoard DIY kits for their STEM curriculum and after school programs such as makerspaces.

In this event, attendees will have hands-on opportunities to design and construct 5eBoard-based projects.

The College of New Jersey Innovative Device Stand Challenge
by Chris Anderson

Come and learn how to make an origami device stand for your ipad or phone, and take on the challenge of innovating the product to solve a new problem, make it better, or even invent your own prototype.  Kids and adults will love this activity, which can be used as a stepping stone to larger engineering design challenges.

PicoTurbine-STEAM Rocks!
by Damian Nodal

PicoTurbine's STEAM Rocks! will be presenting and demoing 3D Printers, Alternative Energy Kits, and Mimsy Robotics. Makers will be able to assemble windturbines and test their power output. Mimsy robotics will be on hand for exciting tests with sensors. Best of all, PicoTurbine will have 3D Printers up and running showcasing rapid-prototyping.

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