The Make Things Happen Maker’s Festival is a celebratory gathering of the maker movement. Participants of all ages and with all interests, from hobbyists, crafters, engineers, and students come together to share what they have learned as explorers of new forms and new technologies. Participants will be delighted and surprised by not just seeing how things happen, but also from having the opportunity to be the one to make things happen all in the same environment. We invite children of all ages, families, educators, and community members who enjoy learning and who love to share what they can do for a day of collaboration, innovation, and fun.

The vision of Make Things Happen, a Makers’ Festival presented by iLearn Schools, is to create a community where members see themselves as proactive producers who are creative, take action, and “make things happen”. This inclusive community of creative and technical individuals will allow for innovation and exploration to take place within diverse content areas where makers will express and share their visions through hands-on, interactive project based activities.

I Want to MAKE Things Happen

So, you are a maker, You have a wide range of interests. You like inventing, designing, and creating things. You love to fix and build things, You basically use your hands, imagination, and tools.

You want to have a day of collaboration innovation and fun. You will be delighted and surprised at the Make Things Happen Festival.

So you have a broad range of interests, like many makers. You like inventing, designing, and creating things. You love to fix and build things. You basically use your hands, imagination, and tools. You are referred as the following: a child, a student, a parent, an educator, a retiree, a community member. So, you see yourself as a proactive producer who creates, takes action, and “Makes Things Happen”

I want to SEE How Things Happen


crafter engineer


cook tech enthusiast hobbyist




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APRIL 28, 2018

Bergen ASCS, 43 Maple Avenue, Hackensack NJ

  • cardboard arcade

    Can you design and build an arcade game using only cardboard, recycled materials and imagination? Bring your own home made cardboard arcade game or accomplish a simple challenge on site with the materials provided. REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • ready, set, design!

    Ready, Set, Design is a quick group activity. Participants are asked to solve an open-ended problem with time and material constraints. Working in small groups, solutions are developed quickly and yield surprising solutions that may not have been immediately obvious. REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • goose chase

    Test your photography skills by competing with other attendees at our Makers Fair through a virtual scavenger hunt.  Simply download the GooseChase app on your phone or tablet and visit our scavenger hunt stand for you're free access code. REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • ozobots

    Our tiny robot, Ozobot, lost its way home. It uses sensors to detect and react to different color codes. Can you create a path with color markers that can get the Ozobot from the starting point, through obstacles, and to its home? This challenge does not require a prior coding experience.  Will you take the challenge? REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • maglev cars

    Maglev (derived from magnetic levitation) is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without touching the ground. This is like flying with lift provided by magnets instead of wings. Many experts believe the best way to solve traffic problem is to design new transportation systems. Can you use the given materials to create Maglev cars and race them on the Maglev track? REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • snapcircuits

    Snap Circuits is a collaborative activity where students have the opportunity to play electrical engineers by designing a circuit, using supplied materials and completing circuit board challenges. The challenges will be timed, and they will vary in difficulty levels, on a scale from 1 to 4.  In the challenges, the electrical engineers will be tested on creating a circuit with light, sound and a fan. Will you take the challenge?  REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • saving astronaut aaron

    Astronaut Aaron was on a mission to fix the International Space Station. While on a space walk his tether detached and he is now clinging onto the outside of the space station. It is your mission to help him get back inside the station safely before his oxygen runs out in 20 minutes!!! His three crew members are working diligently inside the ISS to help get him back to safety but they have limited resources. Will you take the challenge and help save Aaron? REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

  • landing capsule

    Inspired by the technology used during NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover mission, makers are challenged to construct a landing device that will slow down your cargo as it falls so it lands gently when dropped from 8 ft high. REGISTER FOR THIS CHALLENGE

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crafter engineer scientist Educator cook tech enthusiast tinkerer hobbyist
crafter engineer scientist Educator cook tech enthusiast tinkerer hobbyist